Michael's favorite Faulkner quote:

"Art is not only mankind's supreme expression; it is also the salvation of mankind."

Interview with Loic Bouvard, 1952. 

Collected in "Lion in the Garden".


As a filmmaker, I firmly believe that art "is the salvation of mankind."  Through art we are able to bridge different perspectives and find our commonalities.

After growing up in Mississippi, graduating from the University of Chicago and working as a non-profit consultant,  I started working full time on this documentary.  As a millennial,  I wasn't sure if I could relate to Faulkner.   There were things he reportedly said that I didn't like, and still struggle to completely understand.   But during my journey into Faulkner's  life and work,   I was able to find commonality.

Faulkner didn't seek fame or grand adventure like some of his contemporaries.  Faulkner's writing was his salvation.  His work demonstrated the inner conflict of the social tensions of his times -- and ours. 


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