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Executive Producer

Anita's favorite Faulkner quote:

"Memory believes before knowing remembers.  Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing each wonders."

Light in August, Modern Library, p. 104

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In this beautiful quote, Faulkner eloquently demonstrates why we view the world  differently.  The way we remember our past influences and alters our view of the present and future.  It's not about truth.  It's about the memory of experience, which shapes our personal view of the world. 

I grew up in a multi-cultural family.  My mother is a French-speaking, Roman Catholic from Montreal.  My father was a Bengali-speaking, Hindu from Calcutta.  I grew up reading French writers and watching Indian cinema. I cherish uniqueness over sameness, probably because I felt so different from my friends.   

Faulkner was different too, and his community ostracized him for being different.   He saw the "human heart in conflict with itself" while others saw only black and white.   Faulkner's work crossed cultures because his characters and stories grappled with issues germane to human existence.     

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