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Ana's favorite Faulkner quote:

"Loving all of it even while he had to hate some of it because he knows now that you don't because: you love despite; not for the virtues, but despite the faults."

Faulkner and Jill.jpg

I like this quote because it reflects on the complex personality and dark history of Mississippi, this country and all other nations.  

There are so many beautiful things about who we are, but yet so many faults from our past we still face today.  By challenging our virtues through hard conversations as a community, I think we can start chipping away at our faults.​

Having worked in entertainment law, I was ready for the creative side of producing when offered this opportunity.  Michael and I started interviewing  Faulkner scholars in 2017.   The two of us did everything, and while it started small, it grew quickly and so did our amazing team.   It has been an exciting journey, and I have found that  Faulkner is more relevant to today's conversations than ever before. 

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