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Michael Modak-Truran, Writer and Directo

Anastasia Lampton Triplett

Ana Lampton producer.jpg


Michael Modak-Truran


Jeremy Culver


Jeremy Headshot.jpg

Executive Producer

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Anita Modak-Truran



Michael Modak-Truran

Anita Modak-Truran
Executive Producer

Anastasia  Lampton Triplett

Jeremy Culver

Emma Morris

Osei Essed

Lee Caplin
Executive Producer

Hudson Hickman
Executive Producer

Akis Konstantakopoulos
Director of Photography

Dianna Maher
Music Supervisor
Executive Producer on Soundtrack


Steve Choo

Don Warren

Ward Emling 

Avery LaFlamme

Charleene Closshey

Don Warren
Second Unit  Photography

Matthew Hill
Production Designer

Karen Young
Costume Designer

Steve Swadline

Greg Johnson
Third Unit  Photography
Nashville, TN

Madeleine Staszak
Third Unit  Photography
Boston, MA

Bryce Carey
Hair Department

John Read
Associate Producer

William Griffith
Associate Producer

Guilermo Camero Molero
Third Unit  Photography
New York, NY

Jennifer Stamps
Assistant Editor

Zack Marotta
Third Unit  Photography
Charlottesville, VA

Jane Chase Wells
Associate Producer

John McAllister
Assistant Producer

Andrew George
Associate Producer

Ranae Dubaj
Research Producer

Keith Ochwat
Distribution Consultant

Show & Tell


Rory Ledbetter
Dialect Coach

Matthew Morgan
Casting Director

Jo Turner Cantu
Casting Coordinator

Lisa Riley
Line Producer


John Henegan

Rachel Lane
Light House Studio

Outreach Program Director

Dungeon Beach Post Production



Our small dedicated team has interviewed and consulted with over 100 scholars, descendants and friends of Faulkner around the world.  


With the help of an incredible cadre of archival librarians, we have gained unfettered access to Faulkner collections at University of Virginia, University of Mississippi, Southeast Missouri University, University of Texas, the New York City Library and other places.  

Our Faulkner journey began with ...


Professor Jay Watson, the Howry Professor of Faulkner Studies at University of Mississippi, who provided us with a framework to understand the writer and the work.


Dr. Molly Schwartzburg, the Curator Special Collections at the University of Virginia, who provided us with unfettered access and assistance to the multiple Faulkner collections at University of Virginia.


In addition to Mississippi and Virginia, we traveled to Missouri, Texas, New York and Japan to review archival  material.  We gathered information from many sources, including Faulkner scholars, academics, writers, librarians, Civil War re-enactors, family, friends and more.   

Jay Watson.jpg

Professor Jay Watson
University of Mississippi

Molly_Schwartzburg (2).jpg

Dr. Molly Schwartzburg
University of Virginia

Image by Jacqueline Day


Professor Emeritus Ann Abadi (University of Mississippi); Professor Tim Armstrong (University of London); Professor Edward Baptist (Cornell University); Gloria Burgess; Lee Caplin; Christopher Cerf (writer, filmmaker, Grammy winner and son of Random House founder Bennett Cerf); Dr. Linda Chavers (Allston Burr Resident Dean of Wintrhop House, Assistant Dean of Harvard College): John Cofield; Dr. Steven L. Cobb (University of North Texas).  Deborah Cohn (Indiana University); Dr. Joanna Davis-McElligatt (University of North Texas); Florence Dore (University of North Carolina); Dr. Roxanne Dunn (Special Collections/Archives Librarian, Southeast Missouri State University); Professor John Duvall (Purdue College); Dr. W. Ralph Eubanks (Author, Writer, Essayist, Guggenheim recipient, visiting professor of English and Southern Studies); William Ferris (Former Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities); Rusty Faulkner; Amy Anne Foley; Professor Sarah Gleeson-White (University of Sydney, Australia); William Griffith; Professor Richard Godden (Professor of  Suffix); Professor Michael Gora (Smith College); Professor Emeritus Robert Hamlin (Founding Director of the Center for Faulkner Studies, Southeast Missouri State University); John Henegan (lawyer); Professor Emeritus Jere Richmond Hoar (University of Mississippi); Richard Howorth; Dr. Greg Johnson (Special Collections at University of Mississippi); Professor Sherita Johnson (University of Southern Mississippi); Daniel P. Jordan, Ph.D. (Faulkner friend and former head of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation); Randall Kenan (award winning author); Professor Heidi Kim (University of North Carolina); Professor John T. Matthews (Boston University); Professor Kim Manganelli (Clemson University); John Maxell; Jane McLarty; Luther Munford (lawyer); Dr. Julie Beth Napolin (Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts); Professor Eiko Owada (University of Tokyo); Professor Tom Rankin (Duke University); Professor Steve Railton (University of Virginia); Professor Carl Rollyson (Baruch College, City University of New York); Professor Christopher Rieger (Director of Center for Faulkner Studies, Southeast Missouri State University); Robert Saarino; Dr. Molly Schwartzberg (Curator of Special Collection, University of Virginia); Professor Elizabeth Spenser (Morehead State University); Paul Summers; Professor Takako Tanaka (Nagoya City University, Japan); Professor Jay Watson (Director of the Faulkner & Yoknapatawpha Conference, University of Mississippi); Dr. Laura Wilson (Fisk University); Professor Yuko Yamamoto (Chiba University, Japan).

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